A simple rehab program or detox is normally required when an individual is on the road to sobriety. The primary positive aspect of sober living is the continual care and commitment of the treatment center. When a person returns home after treatment, they are putting their success at risk. The problem is returning to normalcy means returning to pressure and stress. When an individual returns to burdensome and challenging relationships, it risks a significant increase of relapse. 

NRhythm provides supportive and safe sober living in Nashville. Individuals would benefit from immersing themselves in a community that supports a great foundation for a strong recovery. The residences are gender-specific (female and male), and they offer an accountability layer. There are numerous benefits for an individual to engage in sober living programs. Nashville Recovery Center understands the journey to recovery is long-lasting.

There are a variety of options for those searching for a maintained and sober recovery journey. Sober living homes in Nashville, Tennessee are considered to be a transitional housing arrangement for individuals in recovery seeking a structured yet independent living. A sober home life requires no distractions or temptations from drugs or alcohol. This place should act as a safe space where individuals can strengthen and rebuild the life skills that they learned in the treatment program.

What Does Sober Living in Nashville Entail?

Nashville Recovery Center has numerous programs to provide a safe place for transformation and healing. The clinical services are offered through a broad spectrum through our partnership, The Becoming Counseling. There is an integrative approach that is utilized by our licensed professional therapists to focus on the whole person. 

Our team consists of the following:

  • Experienced, master’s level clinicians
  • Knowledgeable admissions staff
  • Compassionate professionals

We understand that healing takes place in a community and a variety of modalities. Our main goal is to provide high-quality support that is therapeutic, accessible, and individualized. 

How Much Does Sober Living Typically Cost?

Our clinical services incorporate evidence-based practices and most major insurance companies cover these.

  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • 12 Step Model
  • Mindfulness
  • Family of Origin Work

NRC provides several spaces for different recovery groups to hold fellowship and meetings. The meetings include a diverse variety of formats and fellowships and are held each day of the week. 

Each of the NRhythm homes provides the following:

  • Transportation
  • Fitness & yoga classes
  • 24-hour staff
  • Case management focused on life skills
  • Groceries 

What Are The Benefits Of Sober Living?


Our vision is to provide a space that offers endless opportunities for people in recovery to have fun, stay sober and connect. We promote compassion, love, and radical inclusivity where all are encouraged and welcomed to express their authentic self. NRC provides a place for the community to share the joy of living a vibrant life through recovery and come together through a variety of events including holiday celebrations, speakers, and frequent live music. 

Constant Support and Guidance

The primary goal of continual guidance and support is accountability. There will be on-site managers that live with other tenants in the house. These managers are available on a 24/7 basis. They are there to assist with any possible problems that may arise during recovery. The main issues that usually occur have to deal with down emotions, troublesome cravings, and difficulties securing a job. 

There are many cases where the sober living program will include alumni and a support staff who can relate to the challenges and therefore help. These particular individuals understand what it’s like to struggle with substance addiction, live sober after treatment, and complete a rehab program. They are there as a listening ear able to offer advice when it’s needed the most. The house managers of the program will hold the participants accountable by instilling rules geared towards keeping the residents healthy, sober, and happy. The rules include no drug and alcohol use, scheduled drug tests, and a set curfew each night to ensure a sober living environment.

Sober, Meaningful Relationships Built in Nashville 

One of the most evident reasons to participate in a sober living program is the connections that can be made. The bond is formed amongst individuals because they are living together sharing a common ground of being on a like-minded journey to recovery. They understand what it feels like to experience all different types of emotions such as depression, feeling distant, lack of control, the fear of disappointing others, craving drugs, or missing the use of drugs. 

The best aspect of friendship while recovering is the determination and desire to become their best self without the use of alcohol or drugs. Loneliness is an inherent part of the addiction cycle and there are many ways that it can be reduced. 

One of the primary reasons individuals engage in drugs is because they feel alone. Due to the fear of being judged or rejected, many individuals will cut themselves off from healthy relationships and withdraw from family members. Once the person struggling with substance abuse addiction enters into a sober living arrangement, this type of mentality can change. 

It will be almost impossible to feel alone when surrounded by other people with parallel experiences. As time goes on, these people will become more like family because of the understanding and supportive community. They become a sober network because they are there and available for life, presenting accountability for sobriety repetitively.

Restored Life Skills

There are a plethora of obligations that are neglected when a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol such as exercising regularly, eating healthy, maintaining good personal hygiene and, keeping a clean home. One of the primary functions of sober living is to provide the resident with structure. In a treatment or transitional home, an established regime will be relearned and a healthy lifestyle maintained. 

There will be essential life skills rebuilt as simple as laundry and as difficult as reestablishing personal responsibilities and finding employment. As the individual spends more solid time with like-minded people, other skills will be applied such as financial (paying rent and bills), practical skills needed to take care of self, and interpersonal skills (dealing with challenges effectively). 

You’ll Gain Independence in Sober Living in Tennesse

One of the most profound benefits of sober living is the newfound independence that it brings. The individual will feel empowered to take their life back into their own hands as a positive outlook is found on long-lasting sobriety. They will feel encouraged to find a job that will jumpstart their career. They will feel empowered to continue making genuine friendships that will ultimately support them through recovery. The individual will feel confident in finding and creating new meals and discovering newfound joy. 

The main aspect of independence is the freedom of choice. By the individual being held responsible to decide healthy choices, their life will be changed for the better. There is great power in a sober and safe environment. 

Easier Transition Back to Mainstream Life

One of the most apparent aspects of sober living is the ease of transition into everyday life. The main truth for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction is, “Recovery is an ongoing commitment. It does not end after rehab.” Sober living programs in Nashville are crucial because they bridge the gap between mainstream society and treatment. Many areas of everyday life have to be reintroduced such as school, nightlife, work, relationships, and more.

Sober living homes specialize in providing residents an opportunity to adjust to independent living without the formal care they had in a treatment setting. Likewise, they can gain a sense of what real sober life is beyond the walls of rehab. These settings are usually designed for people in outpatient treatment or early recovery, but there are many programs open to individuals at all stages of the sobriety process. The program generally includes attending meetings and treatments regularly. 

Mitigating the Risk of Relapse

Separation is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. As the individual is given a place to focus on themselves and live, they can be away from environmental relapse triggers such as old tempting friends, hang-out spots, and habits. The issue that must be addressed is substance addiction and abuse alters how the brain cells work and the ability to exhibit self-control or make rational decisions. 

Studies show that individuals who relapse while in recovery have reduced brain tissue in the portion of the brain that regulates emotional control and behavior. Sober homes are known to remove any relapse triggers that may cause temptation or cravings. 

No drugs, alcohol, OTC drugs, or addictive prescriptions are allowed into a recovery home. There is no time to relapse because everyone has their busy schedule to keep them productive while on their journey to recovery. There isn’t an opportunity to relapse because everyone is held accountable for their actions. 

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