Nashville Recovery Center’s PHP, IOP, and Outpatient programs provide a safe place for healing and transformation. We offer a broad spectrum of clinical services through our partnership with The Becoming Counseling. Our licensed professional therapists utilize an integrative approach that focuses on the whole person.

Our Team

From our knowledgeable admissions staff to our experienced, master’s level clinicians, NRC’s diverse team of compassionate professionals is here to help on your recovery journey. Learn More

Our Approach 

At Nashville Recovery Center, we understand that healing occurs in community and through a variety of modalities. It is our goal to provide high-quality therapeutic support that is both individualized and accessible. Our clinical services are covered by most major insurance companies and incorporate the following evidence-based practices: 

  Family of Origin Work 

  Trauma Informed Care 


  Dialectical Behavior Therapy 

  12 Step Model 




Our Family of Companies

We are here to help those affected by Covid-19. If you need support during this time, book a teletherapy session or an online wellness check-in with us.